Andorra began offering the ccTLD (country code top-level domain) .ad domain extension for registration in 1996. Most domains registered with this extension are associated with Andorra. Some advertising companies have also opted to register .ad domain names for the abbreviated ad. Registry is managed by NIC. The domain is sponsored and administered by Servei de Telecommunicacions d'Andorra (Andorran Telecommunications Service).

Reasons to register .ad domain names:

There are several good reasons to register a .ad domain name. Obviously, .ad is the domain of choice for local and international companies that wish to represent their business in Andorra. Having a website with the .ad extension is a good way for local companies to demonstrate that they are engaged locally and committed to local customers, which can help to maximize a website’s revenue. It is also easier to register short and common words with a .ad ccTLD as compared to other more popular domain names like .com or .net because of higher availability. If you are an advertising company, you can take advantage of the ad abbreviation. Some examples of domains that have already been registered for this purpose include: google.ad and content.ad. Finally, the .ad domain provides the opportunity to utilize relevant domain hacks.

.ad Domain Hacks:

There are some options available for those who wish to use the .ad domain extension for domain hacks. One clever domain hack that has already been employed is: bre.ad.

Restrictions for registering a .ad domain name:

Generally, .ad domain names are limited to residents of Andorra or Andorran trademark holders. It is required that all .ad registrations be pre-approved by the Oficina de Marques del Principat d'Andorra (Office for State Emblems and Signs). Also, you need to have a trademark registration in Andorra (Wordmark in class 42) and the trademark must match the domain you are registering. The .nom.ad third level registration is reserved for personal websites. Furthermore, the number of registrations that may be made by each person is limited.

About Andorra:

Andorra is a microstate in Southwestern Europe and the sixt smallest nation in Europe with a landmass of only 468 square kilometers (181 square miles). It is located in the Eastern Pyrenees mountains and is bordered by France and Spain. Spanish, Portuguese and French are spoken there. The official language is Catalan. The primary source of income for Andorra is related to the tourism industry.








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