First introduced in 1997, the .ac domain name is a ccTLD (country code top-level domain) for the British Overseas Territory of Ascension Island. Many domains are registered by entities associated with Ascension Island. However, it is also popular for other purposes. People within the academic community use .ac as a shortened version of academia. The registry for .ac domain names is based in the UK and administered by NIC.AC, which is a subsidiary of the Internet Computer Bureau. There are also offices in Japan and the USA.

Reasons to Register an .ac Domain Name:

A staff of over 100 skilled programmers and trained customer service representatives are there to assist customers and keep everything connected on a 24/7 basis. With a large network of servers located all over the world, the .ac registry operates on a state of the art infrastructure that offers clients the most robust, reliable and secure platform to run a domain name. Always on the leading edge of security and technology, the .ac registry is dedicated to making its space a place where customers can depend on a fast, unique and innovative experience to stay connected with everything around them. Protecting yourself and your identity is an important part of being business savvy on the internet. Protecting your brand name is a good reason to register ccTLDs. Being the initial purchaser of your brand in a TLD is much more cost effective than attempting to acquire the domain name after someone else has registered it. Furthermore, common words and short domain names are more readily available in a ccTLD as compared to the more popular and heavily populated TLDs like .com, .net and .org.

.ac Domain Hacks:

The .ac domain extension can be useful for employing domain hacks. Some examples of domain hacks that have already been acquired are: zodi.ac, mani.ac and alman.ac.

Registration Restrictions for .ac Domain Names:

There are no restrictions for registering a top level .ac domain. Registration for these domain names is open to anyone, similar to .com, .net, or .org. However, there are restrictions for second and third level .ac domains.
  • To register a second-level domain, the registrant must have professional or academic qualifications. Alternately, they may hold a vaid membersip of an Institute or Trade Association.
  • To register a third-level .ac domain, you must be a resident of Ascension Island.

About Ascension Island:

As part of the British Overseas Territory, Ascension Island is grouped with Saint Helena and the island group Tristan da Cunha. These islands are located in the South Atlantic Ocean, midway between South America and Africa where Ascension Island lies 700 nautical miles northwest of Saint Helena. The island is 56 square miles.


com.ac, edu.ac, gov.ac, mil.ac, net.ac, org.ac








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